Project intro – mkfseq

The Yamaha FS1r was a little known synthesizer based on the technique of formant-shaping. This little thing suffered a lack of attention paid to its interface: a tiny LCD panel makes it really hard to tweak the very large number of parameters in a program, and the software editors have never really been up to snuff.

A huge oversight was the lack of any capacity whatsoever to edit formant sequences, which are the fancy filters that make the FS1r “talk”. Several enterprising individuals have tried to remedy this. Zach Archer wrote a Flash application that will analyze an audio file and create a formant sequence based on it. On a lark I have decided to port this application to Go. This project in fact was what spawned gosndfile.

Project GitHub. mkfseq will eventually be part of my master plan to use a genetic algorithm to make weird FS1r programs.

Posted Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 under fs1r.