New Project Announcement – ugen – Triadex

ugen is an audio programming environment for Go programmers. It is intended to be something like SuperCollider. I wrote this to be the basis of a Korg Z1 emulator, since I can’t lug my Z1 on the train with me, and it’s the most fun to play with I have right now.

This is its state after a week of hacking. Don’t rely on it.

Additionally, last month, I made an emulator of Triadex’s The Muse for SuperCollider. Source here. I have no idea how close I am to the correct behavior as I have never used one. I was inspired by seeing one at the Boston Museum of Science used as a prop for an exhibit, it took me most of Labor Day weekend in dribs and drabs to get it finished, with a couple train rides’ worth of hacking afterwards. I would guess the unit was no longer functional; Wikipedia says it was once the basis of an exhibit all on its own.

Posted Friday, October 12th, 2012 under go.